Currently, FEB UNS has about 8000 alumni graduating from undergraduate, master, doctoral and professional programs. They are employed in public service in the non‐profit, governmental agencies, educational and business entities. In order to provide the career development, informational, opportunities and development programs, FEB UNS established the Internship and Career Development Centre (ICD FEB UNS). ICD also routinely conducts tracer study and user satisfaction survey in order to minimize the gap between academics and the job market. Here are some key indicators of our survey:

Most of our alumni are employed in the position that matched with their education background.

Most of our alumni receive the first time salary twice of the minimum wage.

Most of our alumni need maximum 3 months to get their first job.

The alumni work in various industries and various organizations, both in Indonesia and overseas.

We try our best to maintain good relationship with our alumni by holding various alumni gathering or reunion. Our notable alumni are actively supporting the learning process in their beloved almamater by giving lecture or training for our students.

Notable Alumni: 

Prof. Dr. Bambang Setiaji

Dra. Fransisca Sestri Guscahyani

Sriyanto, SE. MM


Dr. Wimboh Santoso

Drs. Charmaeda Cokrosuwarno. MA

Drs. Mokhammad Dakhlan, MA

Dr. Arry Basuseno

Drs. Heru Wicaksono, M.M

Drs. Purnomo

Drs. Rudy Widodo,MA

Dra. Anandy Wati, MPM

Drs. Barlean Suwondo, MM, CGA