Our university focused in increasing the employability of our graduates by providing various learning facilities. In term of literature support, our university provides broad access to various international journal and books collection that can be easily reached in our new ten storeys central library. Our journal subscription is also well connected to our internet ip number so that our civitas academica can get direct login to all the subscribed journal when they are online using university wifi network.

Our central library also manage an online program (UNSLA-UNS Library Automation) in which our university members can easily access the books collection via internet connection. The digital library service provides an access to all university members’ works such as journal article, thesis, dissertation, and research results.

International Office

As a university with diverse students, both from national and international background, UNS is well supported with the International Office and the UNS Language Center. The UNS International Office is the center for all international activities in UNS. This office has various activities for overseas students including city orientation and UNS Cultural Night.

Language Center (UPTP2B)

The UNS Language Center provides support the communicating part of being a university with high diversity. This unit provides an opportunity for students and staffs to learn various foreign languages. This unit also provides language services for the community around our university including high school, colleges, and boarding school). The services ranged from foreign language training (English, France, Japan, Mandarin, Germany, and Dutch), BIPA (Indonesian for Foreign Speaker), foreign language assessment centre (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and HSK), text and document translation (Indonesian to foreign and vice versa), Self Access Center managerial training, technical assistance, language laboratory, and consultation on the development of curriculum and syllabus, teaching materials, teaching methods, and foreign language evaluation.

Musical, Cultural, and Entertainment Facilities

Our university has an auditorium which fulfills the requirements to held wide-scale academic events and entertainment event. This facility has become the sacred site in which our students were graduated. UNS Cultural Night is conducted in the auditorium each year started from 2013. The Student Choir of Erudita has also utilize this site to perform their musical event, together with Karawitan team, and Traditional Dance Club.

Internship and Career Development (ICD/CDC)

To support our graduates in improving their skill before entering the workplace, our university has a special unit called the Internship and Career Development which responsible in conducting various training and providing information about job opportunities.

Center for Students Associations

Our campus appreciates all kinds of students’ positive extracurricular activities. Our appreciation is embodied in the center for student club building, both in faculty and university level.

Health Facility

Besides developing education and science, our university has committed to take part in maintain our members’ health by developing a Medical Center. As a form of our concern to the community around us, the health care services from this unit is widely open for the people around our university. This unit consists of four divisions, general health care, endodontist, otolaryngology, and ophthalmologist, and is supported by professional physicians and medical staff. Following is the list of services provided by our Medical Center:

  • Primary health care services in our campus area clinic.
  • Secondary health care services including specialist consultation, inpatient, and emergency unit.
Information Technology Support Unit

Our university is committed to develop information technology based facilities for our members. Currently, the fully developed and functional facilities include the UNS SSO system in which all registered university members can access university wifi from all around the university area, regardless of their faculty. UNS also develop Academic Information System (SIAKAD) to provide our students and teachers easier access in registration process, consultation process, up to final grade announcement. In term of class schedule, students and teachers can now check all class schedules in Generate Jadwal SI website.

In order to assist our students who can afford a notebook, our university provides Self Access Terminal (SAT).

Sport Facility

Our university highly supports our students’ sport activities by providing a national football stadium with tribune, players locker, and athletic tracks. We also provide an indoor sport arena for various indoor sports such as volley ball, badminton, basket ball, and futsal. For the self defense activities such as Karate, Taekwondo, Ju Jit Su, and Pencak Silat, students can utilize the Student Center building.