Faculty Research and Engagement Centre (P4M)

Research and community service development centre (P4M) Faculty of Economics Universitas Sebelas Maret has a wide portfolio of research and community service program in many areas. P4M coordinates three research centers at the Faculty of Economics; they are Accounting, Management, and Economics. P4M also develop good relationship with government, business, and society in order to connect faculty’s staff with it stakeholders.

The centre has following goals:

  1. To conduct research and community service in many areas
  2. To support and encourage staffs in research and community service
  3. To disseminate the research inside and outside the country
  4. To assist problems faced by community
  5. To accelerate internalization of the Faculty of Economics through research

In order to support the international publication from our academics members, we provide proof reading service. Our proof readers have competency in English language and they are native speakers who applied voluntary program trough the AIESEC. 


To be a research and community service development centre that can motivate the academic staffs of FEB UNS to develop and increase their research quality and quantity, both locally and internationally.


To motivate the academic staffs of FEB UNS and support the vision and mission of FEB UNS to be an Economic and Business Faculty with international and national excellence, through its research activities.

Our Service

  1. Provides a reputable academic journal database as a publication guidance
  2. Provides a research and community service report database
  3. Proofreading service
  4. Conducting seminars, discussion, and training to develop teachers and academic staffs capacity in research and community service.



The Head of P4M FEB UNS

Doddy Setiawan, SE., M.Si., IMRI., Ph.D., Ak

e-mail: doddy.setiawan@gmail.com