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Diploma in Business Management program is a name transformation from pervious program Diploma in Industrial Management program. Diploma in Industrial Management program established since February 2001 by the issuance of Surat Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia Nomor. 58/DIKTI/Kep/2001 in 27 February 2001 on the establishment of Program studi D III Manajemen Industri in Fakultas Ekonomi UNS. In Juli 2006, Program Studi D III Manajemen Industri Fakultas Ekonomi UNS acquired “B” accreditation from dari Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (BAN PT).

To prepare reliable graduates and to make sure our graduates are absorbed in the labor market, our program apply competence based curriculum (KBK-Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi) and a continuing evaluation is performed in order to fulfill market needs. The composition of courses delivered to the students consists of 67% practicum courses and 33% theory courses.

Our graduates have a wide range of opportunity to work in various company types (both manufacturing and service companies). This due to our graduates have abilities and skills in managing micro business in service, trading, and manufacturing sectors which oriented to global market and is supported with skills in information technology. Thus, our graduates can work as operator and administrator in business environment, besides they also have knowledge and skill to become an entrepreneur.

Our Excellence

  1. Transition time to get employed after graduated is 3 months
  2. 73.66 % of our graduates work in the field that match with their expertise
  3. Accredited B
  4. The average of GPA is 3.04 (in 4 points scale)

In performing our education program, we have a vision of Become an excellent Diploma in Business Management program in national level in 2015 and international level in 2030. While our missions are:

  1. Conducting high quality education and teaching in business management by focusing in professionalism and teachers’ competence as well as students’ independence in achieving and applying the knowledge, skill, attitudes, and comprehension of social norms.
  2. Conducting high quality applied research in business management field which leads to the development of networking with cooperation partners and disseminating our study results.
  3. Conducting high quality community service activities through an effort to empower the community together with cooperation partners.

Courses Facts


6 Semester


90 people

The number of applicants in previous admission (2012)

201 people

Start date of academic activity


Achieved degree

Ahli Madya

About Us



Diploma in Business Management program will not only provide knowledge on accounting field, but also comprehensive knowledge on business world and public sector field. Our program also provide significant portion of courses in pratical knowledge in order to prepare our students in entering workplace. This becomes one of our excellences that is proved by the short transition time from education to workplace. Our data show that our graduate need less than three months to get their first job.



The complete information about courses and SKS can be found in academic guidebook.

1st Semester

Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan

Pendidikan Agama


Bisnis Pengantar

Akuntansi Biaya

Akuntansi Pengantar 1

Ekonomi Mikro Pengantar

2nd Semester

Matematika Ekonomi

Ilmu Kealaman Dasar

Bahasa Inggris (EAP)

Manajemen Operasi

Manajemen Keuangan

Manajemen Pemasaran 

Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia

Pendidikan Pancasila

3rd Semester


Akuntansi Pengantar 2

Praktik E-Business

Statistika Deskriptif

Praktik Penganggaran Perusahaan

Ekonomi Makro Pengantar

Praktik Perencanaan dan Pengendalian Produksi

Praktik Human Resources Information System

Critical Thinking

4th Semester

Bahasa Indonesia

Praktik Analisis Keuangan

Sistem Manajemen Mutu 

Manajemen Pelayanan

Manajemen Pembelian

Etika Bisnis

Praktik Pengendalian Kualitas

Praktik Analisis Pasar

5th Semester

Studi Kelayakan Bisnis

Negosiasi Bisnis

Manajemen Logistik dan Pergudangan

PoM for Windows

Praktik MICE


Teknik Penyusunan Laporan Ilmiah

6th Semester

Praktik Simulasi Bisnis

Praktik Magang Kerja & Tugas Akhir



Diploma in Business Management program offers an education program that is always adjusted with work place needs. Our curriculum is prepared based on suggestions from various parties i.e. employers, alumni, teachers, and students. By considering the suggestions from these stakeholders, we expect that our program will be able to bring forth the graduates who are ready to compete in the work place.

The courses in our program are offered using a package system. In this system, students will acquire courses with similar load of credits without differentiating students based on their GPA.

In performing their education program, students will be supervised by academic counselor who has responsibility to directing them in achieving their degree in the specified period.

First (Semester 1 and 2)

In their first year, students will achieve an introduction on basic knowledge in management, business introduction, computer practicum for business, and English proficiency for business. Courses in the first year are aimed to build students understanding in the related field that will become the base of courses in the next semesters.

Second Year (Semester 3 and 4)

In their second year, students will get courses in expertise practicum. The courses in this semester are more focused in production field, quality control, project management, and supervision

Third Year (Semester 5 and 6)

In the third year, students will deepen the management theory through elective courses which will make student more concentrated on different subjects. The seminar course is offered in this year in order to deepen students’ knowledge in research method in managerial field according to their concentration

Besides learning process, during their education students will achieve various extracurricular activities to improve their interpersonal skill, i.e. Achievement Motivation Training, Business Motivation Training, training for operating softwares to support learning process, and pre-job training.

Teaching and Learning



Education in ahli madya degree requires students to make critical thinking, to be independent, to master technical skill, and work in team which is known with Student Centered Learning (SCL) in order to achieve a balance in hard skill and soft skill. Students are demanded to be independent in each course, students will be assessed from various aspects according to the course they take. Among the aspects are assignment completion, presentation, paper/essay assignment (individual/group), and written test. In order to maintain nation’s culture virtue, students will also be assessed from ethics aspect. Teachers as academic counselor will always directing students to achieve their best academic achievement.

In the beginning of lecture students will get syllabus that contains courses materials and an explanation of grading mechanism. In the end of lecture, students will get their grades. Students will be graduated after they finish 110 SKS including the completion of final assignment. An oral comprehensive test will be performed as a final test of the final assignment.

Teaching Method

Students will have a comprehensive study experience from teachers who are an expert in their field. Our curriculum provides 67% of courses for practicum and 33% for theory classes. The arrangement is made because our program is a vocation education which is more focused in practical skills.

In performing learning process, our program aimed to develop students’ interpersonal skill through assignments in individual and group setting. This method is implemented to develop students’ independence as well as their interpersonal skill. The modern workplace demands their employees to able to work in individual and group setting. Group assignment becomes a method that requires students to communicate with other students and solve the problem in group setting. Lastly, internship program is aimed to introduce students with work place by placing students in the real work place situation. In supporting the effectiveness of learning and teaching processes, students and teachers can utilize e-learning. E-learning can be utilized to distribute course materials, assignments, and administer written test.



Job Opportunity

With the education achieved in the processes, our graduates will be able to work in various fields such as entrepreneurship, private companies, banking, government agencies, and other agencies. Our graduates have a wide range of opportunities to work in various companies (both manufacture and service companies). Our graduates’ competences are: skills in micro business management in service, trading, and manufacturing sectors which oriented to global market and is supported with skills in information technology.



In supporting our graduates preparing for their graduation, our faculty provides support to our students by providing information related with career, opportunities, and development program through Internship and Career Development Center (ICD). ICD . ICD also encourage students to prepare the skills that will be needed in work place.